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History of Syusuien

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History started
from this one

In August 1963, Yutsudo Tamotsu,
who ran the shochu brewery
"Kiraku Sake Brewery",
founded the brewery's villa in Yunohama,
Ibusuki City as a pure Japanese-style
inn "Kiraku" in eight rooms.

The shochu that was manufactured
and sold until
the inn was founded is "Kiraku".
It is the origin of Ibusuki Syusuien.

1963In August, birth of Ryokan Kiraku founded.

Yutsudo Tamotsu (Chairman), who ran the shochu brewery "Kiraku Sake Brewery", renovated the brewery's villa and founded a pure Japanese-style inn "Kiraku" with eight guest rooms.

1964In October, The guest room was expanded.

8 Japanese-style rooms have been added to 16 rooms.

1967In October, further extension.

We have increased the number of halls and wedding halls, and have evolved into an inn that can be used in a variety of ways.

The number of guest rooms is 16 rooms and accommodates 70 people.
The room charge was set at 1,500 to 5,000 yen, and the sand bath charge was 25 yen.
Chirinabe, eel bamboo steamer, and tonkotsu dishes have been favored by customers as specialties.
Valuables bag (left) and chopsticks bag (right) at that time.

Lyrics such as "Ibusuki Kouta" were written on the chopstick bag.

History of SyusuienAt the entrance of Ryokan Kiraku

History of SyusuienThe former large communal bath in the current location of "Syusui no Ma"

History of SyusuienAt the entrance at that time, there was a jar for brewing shochu.

History of SyusuienRyokan Kiraku Pamphlet

History of SyusuienA panoramic view of Ryokan Kiraku

History of SyusuienRyokan Kiraku Lobby

Birth of "Hotel Syusuien"

1969In February, from "Ryokan Kiraku" to "Hotel Syusuien".

Built a 3-story rebar main building (currently Shimazu building). 18 new Japanese-style rooms have been added, and the name has been changed to "Hotel Syusuien".

Frankie Sakai, a comedy actor representing the Showa era, was a classmate of Tamotsu Yutsudo and an elementary school attached to Kagoshima university, and had an exchange until his later years.

1976In September, it was certified as a government-registered inn.

The models for the Syusuien pamphlet are Tamotsu Yutsudo and his daughter, as well as the maid chief and Nakai at the time.

1977Masaharu Ishii (currently an adviser) becomes the chef

With the birth of chef Ishii, who spread the "taste" of today's Syusuien, Syusuien has evolved into a new stage.

1981In August, Started major remodeling

The new building (currently the Ibusuki building) has been expanded, and 4 Suite rooms, a restaurant, snacks, a large communal bath, and a conference room have been remodeled.

1985In January, received 1st place in the cooking category of the "10th 100 Japanese hotels and ryokans selected by professionals".

For the first time, we won the first place in the cooking category, which comprehensively evaluates "food" such as menus, serving (how to serve / lower), vessels, taste, quality, and quantity.

1992Major renewal from 1992 to 1993.

The Ibusuki building and Shimazu building have been significantly renewed. The following year, the Reimei Building was constructed as a special building, bringing the number of guest rooms to 52.

2006Sand footbath newly established.

You can now feel free to use sunamushi onsen, a specialty of Ibusuki.

2011Private bath "Yuamidokoro" was born

The guest rooms on the 1st floor of the "Shimazu building" have been renovated, and two private baths, "Yuami-dokoro," and one esthetic salon have been newly established.

History of SyusuienYutsudo Tamotsu (Chairman) At the entrance reborn as "Syusuien"

History of SyusuienWith actor Frankie Sakai

History of SyusuienSyusuien Pamphlet

History of SyusuienReceipt at that time. Handwritten style that tells the times

History of SyusuienGroup photo of New Year 1980

History of SyusuienKaiseki cuisine

History of SyusuienKaiseki cuisine

History of SyusuienSand footbath

History of SyusuienJapanese-style "hot water bath" cypress

History of SyusuienWestern-style "hot water bath" Ao

From "Hotel Syusuien" to "Ibusuki Syusuien"

2015In August, renamed to "Ibusuki Syusuien".

We will carefully protect the high quality of the pure Japanese-style inn and take on the challenge of a new stage.

2017He won the 1st place in the cooking category of the "42nd 100 Japanese hotels and ryokans selected by professionals" for 33 consecutive years.

2017In August, 55th anniversary of founding.

To celebrate the 55th anniversary of our founding, we have reprinted 2,000 bottles (4 go) of authentic shochu "Kiraku". (Cooperation: Ibusuki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.)

History of SyusuienIbusuki Syusuien entrance

History of SyusuienPersimmon pot furofukiyaki

History of SyusuienSatsuma black pork soft boiled

History of SyusuienGrilled abalone with miso

History of SyusuienAuthentic shochu "Kiraku"